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The Practical Prophetic with Diane Lake
JANUARY 17, 2022
2022: The Front Door to the New

About This Episode: As the door to 2022 opens—as the year unfolds, find out what the Lord has in store for you! What many have lost in this last season will be replaced with something new and better—whether it’s the loss of a dream or vision, a job, or even physical items like a laptop or vehicle. Especially if you recognize yourself in this pattern, get ready for an upgrade. I hear the Lord say that that’s why we’re doing new—because the new things are good—the good news being He’s about to reveal a new identity and purpose to you in 2022!

DECEMBER 13, 2021
Why It’s Not Okay When Someone Steals from You: Navigating Injustice

About This Episode: Have you ever experienced injustice? John 10:10 tells us it is the thief (Satan) who comes to steal, kill and destroy. In this episode I share personal testimony and walk you through some steps to help you identify and navigate injustice from God’s perspective. You’ll gain insight from Scripture and learn how to close any open doors the enemy (Satan) might be continuing to use against you! God not only genuinely cares when someone mistreats, misuses or abuses you, He also wants to restore what’s been stolen from you!

OCTOBER 25, 2021
So Much Has Changed Since Covid: Now What?

About This Episode: It’s never coming back to what it was. What if God is using Covid to prepare us for what’s coming? Learn how difficult times and the coming glory are related, and how to prepare in both practical and spiritual ways to be used to demonstrate His kingdom!

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021
How to Stand Strong in Trying Times

About This Episode:  In this continuation of our last episode, I’ll share more personal testimony and insight into how despite it having been a season of loss, the Lord has a plan to take your loss and restore it to better than before. We can’t always see what God is doing, so when something dies—a dream, a way of life we identified with—hope can die too. Discover both spiritual and practical ways you can rise and conquer to stand strong in difficult times! It’s a new season and God is bringing many into a new identity and purpose—get ready for an upgrade!

Will You Trust the Lord to Restore to Better Than Before?

About This Episode:  Recently my laptop died, our AC died (it turns out our whole HVAC system needs to be replaced), our hot water heater died, followed next by our refrigerator. During this time period we even experienced an unexpected death in the family, and another devastating loss that’s too personal in nature to disclose. If you recognize yourself in this pattern, I encourage you to trust Him. Despite it having been a season of loss, it’s a season to press through open doors—not just stand still or draw back. The Lord has a plan to take your loss and restore it to better than before. Will you trust Him in this?

AUGUST 2, 2021
Salt and Light: Why Old Testament Moral Law is Relevant to Christians and Society Today

About This Episode: What does it mean to be salt and light? Learn what Jesus said about the law, why it matters, and how principles of moral law are practically illustrated in everyday life. I’ll show you from Scripture how as a prophetic person and watchman, you have a responsibility to uphold righteousness, and what that might look like today. Discover the balance between faith, love and the law and why an understanding of Old Testament moral law is critical in order to influence your nation to be a sheep nation!

JULY 26, 2021
God Wants to Restore to You the Years the Locust Has Eaten

About This Episode: Do you feel too young, too old, too damaged or it’s too late to be used by God? Does it seem like relationships, finances or health can never be recovered? I’ll share some personal testimony including an angelic encounter in which God promised to condense and compress the blessing of my destiny into the years I had left—that nothing would be missed. God is no respecter of persons. What He’s done for me He will do for you. Discover how to position yourself to receive the blessing of restoration!

JUNE 14, 2021
How Reading the Psalms Can Change Your Life—Literally

About This Episode: Does God feel far away? I once felt that way too. I’ll share with you how a particular Psalm opened the gate that changed my life, and explain why the Psalms are very much on the Lord’s mind. What’s unique about the Psalms is that’s how that person recorded their circumstances and their situation. It’s just real people doing real life—and that’s why we can relate to them even today. Learn the secret of why reading and meditating on the Psalms can literally be life changing, and how the Psalms are a deep and ancient path into His presence.

MAY 31, 2021
Secret Ingredients for Happiness

About This Episode: If you don’t love your job, can you be happy? I’ll share several secret ingredients that can change your life. Nothing God ever does in your life is wasted—not as long as you keep saying, “Yes” to the Lord, keep following Him and abiding in His presence. You may not see what He’s doing at the time, but He will always make everything beautiful in its time. Finding your sweet spot can be like a journey—you have to follow the twists and turns before you get to the final destination.

MAY 17, 2021
What’s Your Happiness Factor?

About This Episode: What does it really take for man to be happy? The interesting thing about happiness is just when you’ve got the thing you thought would make you happy—suddenly it doesn’t make you happy anymore. I share some testimony and give you simple steps that can take you from miserable to satisfied. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t automatically mean you’re happy. God wants your happiness factor to be a constant, not up and down like a rollercoaster.

APRIL 26, 2021
Why Fivefold Ministry is Essential

About This Episode: Is there a fivefold ministry gift in you? Find out 5 affirmations to help you determine whether you do. It is not God’s intention for pastors to attempt to equip and build up the body alone. I’ll clarify some of the issues surrounding the fivefold gifts, including a biblical understanding of the position/job vs. the gift of pastor. Don’t get locked into what the equipping gifts look like—discover how they operate both within and beyond the four walls of the church today.

APRIL 19, 2021
The Coming Wave of Glory

About This Episode: The second glory shall be greater than the first—there’s a move of God’s glory coming bigger than any we’ve yet seen. We’ve entered a new season—a season of acceleration, and there’s a new level of power coming. Sometimes we don’t realize how interactive our faith is. God needs—He wants—you to participate in this “after party” move of glory. Find out how YOU can prepare to be used as a vessel that displays His greater glory!

APRIL 12, 2021
Preparing for Change and Harvest, Pt. 3

About This Episode: Here are 5 reasons you should prepare. In this episode, we’re back talking about preparation again, diving deeper into the subject. There is no right or wrong way to prepare, there’s just what’s best for you. Jesus explained in the parable of the fig tree that when its branch has become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. If you’re paying attention to the signs, common sense tells you it’s a good idea to prepare.

APRIL 5, 2021
Preparing for Change and Harvest, Pt. 2

About This Episode: The winds of change are blowing! I’ve never had this strong of sense of change coming. We’ve entered a transition period into a new season. I’ll give you an example from Scripture of God giving warning for preparation in difficult times. We can be lulled into thinking everything’s always going to stay the same—until it doesn’t. Even if all is not needed, it’s better to prepare than to wait till it’s too late. In this continuation of last week’s podcast, find out why you need to prepare.

MARCH 29, 2021
Preparing for Change and Harvest

About This Episode: Find out why becoming more organized is necessary to be ready for the coming harvest of souls and any possible changes in our world. You’ll learn why you can’t properly steward the coming harvest without addressing practical aspects of preparation as well, and what the Lord’s purpose is for blessing you in this. I’ll share some things my husband and I are doing to survive off the grid, and pray with you for the Lord to reveal at least one thing you can do. There is no reason for fear or panic, but there is a need to prepare!

MARCH 22, 2021
Finding Freedom: Turning Generational Curses into Blessing

About This Episode: In this episode you’ll discover how generational curses can be broken so blessing can flow! Satan operates under cover of darkness—don’t give place to the devil by holding secrets or unconfessed sin in your life, either yours or your ancestors. God is a God of light! I’ll reveal six major “doors” which can provide entrance to the demonic and share some personal testimony of how a missed inheritance affected my life. And finally, you’ll learn practical steps and receive ministry to turn generational curses into blessing!

MARCH 15, 2021
Choosing Your Weapon

The Word of God is our anchor—you must read and meditate on the Word regularly in order to move forward in the prophetic. I’ll explain why there is no perfect translation of the Bible, and what factors to consider when choosing your preferred version. You’ll learn the three categories of translations, and which versions are in each category. I’ll also discuss some issues regarding specific versions you should be aware of. There is no one “right” version of the Bible, but there is one that’s best for you!

MARCH 8, 2021
Overcoming Demonic Oppression

Are you bound in limitations, or feeling “pressure” to sin? In this episode I share testimony of how the Lord set me free from chronic migraines and a spirit of withdrawal. You’ll learn about open doors that allow demonic influence to gain access into your life, what comprises a demonic stronghold, and seven classic indications of a curse operating in your family line. I’ll walk you through some basic steps to receive deliverance. Here’s good news—Jesus died to free those who are oppressed, depressed and repressed by demonic influence!

FEBRUARY 22, 2021
There Stands Before You an Open Door
Learn what’s behind Door#1, Door #2, Door #3, and what door stands open before you today. I share some testimony of how the Lord healed me from a traumatic incident in my past, and give you some steps to receive hope and healing so that you can become free from unhealed hurts and wounds from your past. The Lord doesn’t just want to save your soul, He wants to make you whole!
FEBRUARY 8, 2021
Life in the Spirit

The prophetic and hearing God’s voice should feel accessible—because it is! I want to walk you through some of the steps as I started my journey. You’ll learn to identify the three types of voices we might hear, and how life in the Spirit is day-by-day, day-by-day, day-by-day. Getting somewhere is not the point—it’s about the journey. Then you look back and go—“Wow, I am a different person, aren’t I?” Before you can transform nations, God has to transform your life!

FEBRUARY 1, 2021
The Power of Testimony and Breaking Free from Ungodly Mindsets

Diane’s personal testimony is one of how she encountered the presence and power of God, and how He rescued her from a desperate place of hopelessness and gave her a second chance. You’ll learn why your testimony is so powerful, how salvation is a process, and what the four interrelated areas are that need to be addressed in order to move forward in your life of the Spirit. Discover the sources of ungodly mindsets and how to break free from what’s holding you back so you can hear the voice of the Lord more clearly!

A unique combination of prophetic insight, practical teaching, impartation and activation. Host Diane Lake, a prophetic writer, teacher and minister, places tools in your hands by putting high-level revelation and concepts into language anyone can understand. You will be inspired and encouraged in this podcast as you become equipped to apprehend and navigate the prophetic for yourself!

Introducing, Preparing the Way!
Learn to understand and apply the prophetic through practical terms, practical ways, and practical means that make it relevant to everyday life, so that you can prepare the way for the Lord’s purposes to manifest in the earth!
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